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Online degrees have become plentiful, but finding a school where you can earn an AA, BA, BS, or MBA online is still a challenge for working adults. This is how to do it.


  1. Decide what type of degree that you’d like to pursue.
  2. Use a search engine like Google to search on schools that offer that degree. You can also check out online directories like to investigate programs about that degree.
  3. Read lots of info about the program to make sure that it’s what you want to do. Find out what pre-requisite classes that you’ll need to take along with the actual online program.
  4. Learn about asynchronous versus synchronous learning. Synchronous learning allows for real-time interaction online while an asynchronous class allows for more flexibility with when you can sit down and work on class work.
  5. Find out about the school’s certification/accreditation. he Distance Education and Training Council typically handles much of online school accreditation.
  6. After thoroughly researching your choices, contact your schools. Fill out forms for their schools at the Web sites you’ve found. Once again, a directory of schools can help you here.
  7. A school representative will contact you and walk you through the process of enrollment
  8. Get started going to class and earn that degree!


  • Diploma mills. Keep an eye out for places that just send you a diploma for a sum of money. Ultimately, they’re not worth the expense and can be a career hazard if an employer finds out that you have a bad diploma.
  • Read more about diploma mills and avoiding fake degrees.

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Online Learning at Kaplan University

Earn a college degree on your terms—take control and schedule your education with Kaplan University online. Study when you can and where you can; there are no job interruptions, travel expenses, or hours spent searching the campus map. Attend classes anytime, anywhere 24/7.

The convenience of online learning is possible due to technology, but that’s just part of the Kaplan advantage. At Kaplan, faculty and staff are professionals committed to their careers and helping you find and train for yours. They will provide you with personal attention and academic support when you need it. Explore the flexibility and dynamic interaction of an online education at Kaplan University today, and prepare for your better tomorrow.

To see list of academic programs at Kaplan University, click here.

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Finlandia University Michigan

By Michael Mize Russell

Campus Development

First building of the college was set up in 1898 but requirements outgrew the building. Nikander Hall was constructed in the year 1939. Today the campus consists of Nikander Hall, Mannerheim Hall, Finlandia Hall, Paavo Nurmi Center for Physical Education, Wargelin Hall, Kivi House, Hoover Center and the Finnish American heritage Center and the Chapel of St. Matthew and Jutila Center.

Brief History

Founded in 1896 as Suomi College by J. K. Nikander, the university is affiliated to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. By 1920 the college became a liberal arts college. On July 1 st 2000, the college was renamed as the Finlandia University. Since its inception the university has been one of the universities of Lutheran Church and became affiliated to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in the year 1988.


University of Finlandia is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. In 1996, the university migrated from two year to four year course structure. With diversified student strength the university has around 500 students from ten States and three countries. 7% of the students come from minority groups while 6% are internationals.

Programs Offered

Distance learning, ROTC, and study abroad are some of the special learning opportunities offered by the university. International School of Art & Designs offers Bachelor of Fine Arts with several concentrations; the International School of Business offers Bachelor of Business Administration degree including online degree and Suomi College Offers various elementary education and other allied vocational programs. College of Health Sciences offers nursing courses.


No open admission is offered by the university. In fact all the criteria including transcripts, GPA, rank, and records are required for admission to the university. For details one can log on to the admission and requirement page of the website.

Financial Aids

Federal grants, state grants, institutional grants, scholarships, and student’s loans are the basic types of financial aid available in the university. One can log on to the financial aid page of their website for the details.
Huge expansion in multiple fields is creating new avenues of employment for eligible candidates but it requires hard work and focus. Career based education Finlandia University and sharing valuable insight about online education with Michael Russell could be a double benefit for aspirant students.

Finlandia University Michigan homepage

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University of London

Since 1858, the University of London’s External System has offered a wide range of high quality distance learning courses to students – wherever they are in the world.

Known and respected worldwide
Over the years, many exceptional people who have studied with the University of London have shaped our world; they include people from the world of the arts (Damien Hirst and H.G. Wells) and academia (Asa Briggs), to business (George Soros), politics (John F. Kennedy and Mahatma Gandhi) and science (Alexander Graham Bell and Francis Crick). Today, our worldwide reputation continues to ensure our graduates are to be found in leading positions around the world.

Wide range of study options
Whether you want to develop your career or study for personal enrichment you can choose from a wide range of courses – from education to management, and from law to philosophy. You may also study stand-alone modules for your professional development or personal interest.

Help with making the right decision
If you have not studied for some time, not studied by flexible or distance learning, or have not previously studied for a UK qualification, the information in Study with Us is designed to help you make your decisions.

Why choose a British degree?
British higher education is world class. The excellence of the teaching and research in British universities is acknowledged worldwide.

Wherever in the world you study for your degree, if you study through the University of London External System, you will be studying for a degree which adheres to the rigorous standards set by the British government for all UK higher education.

  • The modern approach to learning on British degrees will give you an edge when you’re competing for a job and will prove to employers that you’re capable of independent thought,  self-discipline and prepared to work hard.
  • Studying in English will enable you to improve your English language skills and give you a headstart in an international career.
  • Dependable assessment methods – including unseen exams, with rigorous checks for plagiarism and cheating mean that you can be confident about the standard of your degree.
  • An  independent body – the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) safeguards the quality and standards of Higher Education and regularly audits the quality of UK universities.

Online Learning Environment
The Online Learning Environment (OLE) [which may also be referred to as the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)] can help you in your studying.

The OLE provides access to online support and collaboration between students and academics. It provides tools to deal with both the academic and administrative demands of distance learning, as well as the social aspect of learning.

You may find some of the following features in the OLE for your programme:

  • Student-student and student-tutor discussion boards
  • Contact with programme administration staff
  • Secure assignment submission and retrieval
  • Internal messaging
  • Links to external resources including the Online library
  • Access to online study materials and study guides
  • Audio and video resources
  • Assessment activities
  • Notice boards and calendars
  • Student and staff profiles
  • Student community areas
  • You will receive your account details and instructions on how to access your OLE once you have registered for your programme of study.

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Kennedy-Western University

Kennedy-Western University has changed its name to Warren National University.
The new Warren National University Web Site is located at Please update your bookmarks.


Popular Online College Degrees

By Arun Lakhera

Everyone wants to become a graduate. Parents send their children to schools in the hope that one day their children will earn college degrees such as Bachelors of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Bachelors of Computer Science (B.CompSc.) and Bachelor’s of Business Administration (B.B.A.). Students have to confront with many problems while pursuing their graduation. Long distance between home and university is the major hurdle for physically challenged students. The rising cost of higher education prohibits poor students from becoming a graduate. There may be constraint of time for working students.

The universities have found a unique way to award college degrees to students. They are working through internet. Students can submit enrollment forms, attend class, take part in forums and even appear for examination through internet for earning an online college degree. Information technology has brought online college degrees to your door step. Now you are just a click away from your online university degree. There are a number of universities available on internet.

Arizona State University diploma sample

Advantages of online college degrees

There are three main advantages:
Period of time: In a traditional university, students have to attend a college for four years to complete their graduation. On the other hand in an online university, students can pursue graduation at their own pace. You can complete your graduation in less than two years period if you are a determined student. It will save you time as well as money. Students doing graduation in two years can get employed earlier than the students learning in a traditional college.

Number of college courses: The universities can teach thousands of bachelor courses through internet. They need not to maintain staffroom or a huge staff to take care for visiting professors. Students can pursue their bachelor, master and Ph.D. course from a single university. Traditional universities face internal restrictions such as shortage of professors, classrooms etc. in teaching all the available bachelor courses. The students have to run from one university to another in search of their aspired courses.

Economical fees structure: Use of information technology in teaching has helped universities to reduce their fees. Maintaining library and other mandatory departments on internet is cost effective. You will find most thrifty fees structures for various college courses in online universities.

Reasons to earn online college degrees

Working persons usually have no time for themselves. Studying in a traditional college can be a tough job for them. They can enroll in an internet college course to solve their time problem. It will help them to continue studies without cutting working hours.

Distance can pose a major constraint for physically disabled students. Sometimes they have to discontinue their studies due to long distance. It is easier to earn online college degrees for them. They can pursue graduation by sitting in their drawing room.

Enrollment in an online college degree course also helps those students, who are facing difficulties in arranging funds. It is cost effective. You can borrow student loans and can repay them by working part time. Scholarship sites like can also help you to garner funds for fees.

Arun Lakhera is a journalist and copy writer. He has written volumes on education. You can visit to find out latest online bachelor and associated degree courses.

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Easiest Way to Get MBA Diploma Certificate Online

What is the easiest way to get university diploma online? Buy it! You can get fake diploma even with frames. Of course getting fake diploma doesn’t mean you’ll get knowledge, but you can show mba diploma to your friends as a joke. You’ll get some fun while they ask you is it true that you’ve got university degree.

How to find fake diplomas online? It’s simple as 1-2-3! Just search for it!
Your search can be like ‘buy fake diploma online’ or something like that!

Custom Search

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The University of Liverpool

University of LiverpoolThe University of Liverpool’s international hallmark of quality has been proven for well over a century. Wherever you are, you can benefit from this tradition of excellence with our 100% online Masters programmes. Unique approach allows you to complete a Masters programme fully online, balancing your own schedule while still meeting our high academic standards. 100% online programmes delivered in small personal classes provide a forum for networking and international collaboration, which gives you an incredible advantage in today’s global economy.


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Master of Business Administration (Marketing)
    • Master of Business Administration (Finance & Accounting)
  • Master of Science in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Public Health

  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • Master of Science in Clinical Research Administration (MSc CRA)


  • Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc in IT)
  • Master of Science in IT (Internet Computing)
  • Master of Science in IT (Information Security)
  • Master of Science in IT (Software Engineering)
  • Master of Science in Information Systems Management (ISM)

Key benefits of our online learning programmes:

  • Small virtual class sizes (max. of 20 students per class)
  • Flexibility to control your learning environment and schedule
  • Personalisation and specialisation of programme content
  • High level of interaction with faculty and fellow students
  • Distinguished faculty who are active industry experts, researchers, consultants, university professors and managers
  • Opportunity to network, socialize, and exchange ideas with a multi-cultural student body
  • 24/7 technical assistance and proven, easy-to-use software
  • Personal attention and academic guidance from your programme manager

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Top-50 National Universities

Here are 50 top US universities by U.S. News rating.  The U.S. News rankings system rests on two pillars. It relies on quantitative measures that education experts have proposed as reliable indicators of academic quality, and it’s based on our nonpartisan view of what matters in education.

U.S. News helps by spotlighting schools with outstanding examples of academic programs that have been shown to enhance learning. With the help of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, which focuses on quality initiatives in higher education, U.S. News identified eight types of programs associated with student success, including first-year experiences, learning communities, writing in the disciplines, senior capstone, study abroad, internships or cooperative education, opportunities for undergraduate research, and service learning.

And the winner is… Princeton University!
Princeton University

  1. Princeton University (NJ)
  2. Harvard University (MA)
  3. Yale University(CT)
  4. Stanford University(CA)
  5. University of Pennsylvania
  6. California Institute of Technology
  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  8. Duke University(NC)
  9. Columbia University(NY)
  10. University of Chicago
  11. Dartmouth College(NH)
  12. Washington University in St. Louis
  13. Cornell University(NY)
  14. Brown University(RI)
  15. Northwestern University(IL)
  16. Johns Hopkins University(MD)
  17. Rice University(TX)
  18. Emory University(GA)
  19. Vanderbilt University(TN)
  20. University of Notre Dame(IN)
  21. University of California—Berkeley
  22. Carnegie Mellon University(PA)
  23. University of Virginia
  24. Georgetown University(DC)
  25. University of California—Los Angeles
  26. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
  27. University of Southern California
  28. University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
  29. Tufts University(MA)
  30. Wake Forest University(NC)
  31. Lehigh University(PA)
  32. Brandeis University(MA)
  33. College of William and Mary(VA)
  34. New York University
  35. University of Rochester(NY)
  36. Georgia Institute of Technology
  37. Boston College
  38. University of Wisconsin—Madison
  39. University of California—San Diego
  40. University of Illinois—Urbana – Champaign
  41. Case Western Reserve University(OH)
  42. University of Washington
  43. University of California—Davis
  44. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(NY)
  45. University of Texas—Austin
  46. University of California—Santa Barbara
  47. University of California—Irvine
  48. Pennsylvania State University—University Park
  49. University of Florida
  50. Syracuse University(NY)

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Guide To Earning Degrees By Distance Learning

Guide To Earning Degrees By Distance Learning
For 30 years, BEAR’S GUIDE TO EARNING DEGREES BY DISTANCE LEARNING is the most comprehensive, respected, and opinionated guide to the potential minefield of non-traditional education. It ’s often faster, cheaper, and even better to earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, medical, or law degree off campus. As more schools bring the classroom to the student through mail, video, and the internet, the need for an accurate, up-to-date, and technically savvy resource is more crucial than ever. This is the guide for anyone looking to advance a stalled career, return to the workforce, or take the next step to advance his or her education.

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