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ExpertRatingWhy Choose ExpertRating

ExpertRating is a leader in online skills certification with over 200 popular offerings available to users worldwide.

ExpertRating an ISO 9001-2000 certified company offering online certification and training services to individuals and companies in over 60 countries. Apart from having certified over 200,000 individuals since 2001, ExpertRating is also offering employee testing services to leading companies such as Ericsson, Convergys Corp., IKEA Systems and Deltek Corp. to name a few. Some of the main areas of activity of ExpertRating are:

  • Online Certification for individuals
  • Online tests and quizzes for individuals
  • Online Training and tutorials
  • Online employee testing for companies¬†

ExpertRating believes in delivering cutting edge competency evaluation and skills training services based on scientific testing and training methodologies through a quality driven approach. ExpertRating strives to continually improve and upgrade its services by adopting the latest technologies and methodologies in the development and delivery of testing and training services.

Who should take an ExpertRating certification?

ExpertRatingIf you would like to give your resume and career prospects a cutting edge in the competitive job market, an ExpertRating certification is just the thing for you. An ExpertRating certification will benefit you in the following ways:

  • You need to give your resume that most wanted punch which can help land you a dream job.
  • You would like to know where you stand relative to others in your field.
  • You would like to gauge your actual level of knowledge through an independent and authentic assessment system.
  • You want to show the world that your skill level is at par with the best.
  • You would like to have your knowledge certified in a skill for which there is no other certification system available.
  • You would like to approach job interviews with added confidence by presenting your hard copy ExpertRating certificate of accomplishment to your prospective employer.

What are the Tests Like?

ExpertRating tests consist of timed, multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers to each question. Each test covers basic to advanced questions on each topic. The test taker should keep in mind that the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience is emphasized rather than theoretical knowledge. For achieving certification the test taker must score at least 50% marks. Clearing the test with a score of 80% or more will be credited as a distinction and mentioned on the certificate of accomplishment.

ExpertRating test Format

  • Type of test: Multiple choice with one or more correct answers
  • Duration: 30 minutes to 50 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 30-50
  • Question Weightage: All questions carry equal marks
  • Navigation: You can go back and answer unanswered questions
  • Answer Review: You can review the questions at the end of the test by going back and answering marked questions
  • Exhibits: Some test will require you to answer a question based upon an exhibit
  • Test syllabus: The syllabus for each test is available on the test registration page. For tests that follow an ExpertRating study material (such as the Personal Trainer Certification), the questions are fully based on the study material.
  • Final score report: The final test score is reported in terms of percentage score as well as GPA score. The sectional scores for all the major tested areas are also reported.
  • Note: Some tests may follow a different format. Please read the test details carefully before registering.

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