edX Announced Spring 2013 Courses

edX announced the launch of our new spring 2013 courses. Now they are expanded well beyond the tech world and into the humanities and social sciences; and also rerunning some courses from the popular fall semester. Here’s the short list, a few more will be added later:

  • The Challenges of Global Poverty — living on under $1 a day, examining and overcoming poverty traps.
  • Justice — a global dialogue about the big moral and civic questions of our time.
  • The Ancient Greek Hero — amazing stories, poetry and songs from more than two millennia ago (intro level).
  • Copyright — who “owns” ideas in the US and beyond – you’ll find out in this pilot course (limited to 500 students).
  • Human Health and Global Environmental Change — climate change, biodiversity loss and their effect on billions of people.
  • Introduction to Statistics — an amazing, introductory course on the fundamentals and the science of drawing conclusions from data.
  • Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation — a remarkable intro course for students of all types.
To read full descriptions of these great courses, or to register for any of these new or re-launched courses, please visit the edX website.
EdX currently offers HarvardX, MITx and BerkeleyX classes online for free. Beginning in fall 2013, edX will offer WellesleyX and GeorgetownX classes online for free.


Rankings of Top UK Universities 2012 by Times

The Comprehensive Top 20:

1.     Oxford
2.     Cambridge
3.     London School of Economics
4.     Imperial College
5.     University College London
= 6.   Durham
= 6.   St Andrews
8.     Warwick
9.     Lancaster
10.  Exeter
11.  York
12.  Bath
13.  Bristol
14.  Sussex
15.  Edinburgh
16.  Nottingham
= 17. Sheffield
= 17. Leicester
19.  Southampton
20.  Loughborough

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Study English online with ZipEnglish

Practise speaking and listening by Skype, get help with English for your job, or follow an English course – all with your very own EFL qualified live native English teacher…
ZipEnglish is a fresh new approach to studying English online using real friendly fully qualified live teachers and the latest web conferencing technology
At ZipEnglish we have developed a great interactive experience with live teachers and supreme customer service. You can experience studying English online the way it should be! With REAL people!
ZipEnglish recommends these flexible solutions to really improve your English …
  • ZipChat – Skype English Lessons gives you instant speaking & listening practice
  • ZipCoach – English for your Job gives you immediate solutions to work problems
  • ZipCourse – Online English Courses gives you a structured course programme


Stanford announces 16 online courses for fall quarter

Stanford University logo
The university, which pioneered massive open online courses, unveils two new homegrown software platforms to host the courses.

Sixteen courses and two new platforms for interactive learning will highlight Stanford’s free online offerings this fall, with more to follow during winter and spring quarters.

From cryptography to science writing, technology entrepreneurship, finance and a crash course in creativity, the courses are open to anyone with a computer, anywhere.

You can read more about new Stanford’s free online courses here


Learn Languages for Free

I’m under impression! I’ve discovered a great language-learning site – WordSteps.com – that offers to learn a lot of foreign languages for free! Actually they offer to learn just words, but filling your active vocabulary is a must for learning language!

You can learn online, by selecting dictionaries, or download an app to your smartphone and learn wherever and whenever you want!

Additional courses are available for a small fee.

So, don’t hesitate, start learning!



Udacity is a totally new kind of learning experience. You learn by solving challenging problems and pursuing udacious projects with world-renowned university instructors (not by watching long, boring lectures). Udacity classes will make you sweat. Passing a Udacity class is as demanding as passing a university-level class. But you will have a lot of fun along the way as you learn new skills and interact with amazing instructors and peers. In return for your hard work, Udacity offers a range of certification options that are recognized by major technology companies who are actively recruiting from the Udacity student body.

Join the hundreds of thousands of Udacity students who have already been empowered by this new form of learning.

Here is a list of 100% free courses at Udacity: http://www.udacity.com/courses, currently 11 titles:

  • Intro to Computer Science
  • Intro to Physics
  • Logic & Discrete Mathematics
  • Web Application Engineering
  • Programming Languages
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Design of Computer Programs
  • Intro to Statistics
  • Algorithms
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Software Testing


Distance Education in the International Career Institute

The International Career Institute (ICI) is a leading provider of distance education. Using experienced industry based faculty and the latest resources ICI delivers over 100 exciting career and lifestyle focused courses to a broad range of people and business’s world wide.

ICI is recognized internationally. The Institute has:
  • Established formal standing with various government & industry bodies,
  • Been supported by professionals throughout the world,
  • Courses are developed in cooperation with government education agencies and industry representatives,
  • Graduates have obtained employment and established successful businesses across a wide range of industries,
  • 32% of ICI students are in fact employees of companies and government departments. Course fees are either partially or fully funded by employers.

Distance learning gives you the freedom to study at a time that suits you. You have the advantage of being able to study from home or work from any location. After receiving your course study materials and assessments you will notice that your study materials are divided into a series of modules representing different subject areas. At the end of certain modules you will be assessed via project based or written assessment tasks. You are able to submit assessments via email or mail to your tutor who will mark and return your submission. The process is repeated until you have completed all the assessment tasks.

You will receive an attractive certificate upon completion of your course that you can show to friends, relatives and prospective employers with pride. In addition to your certificate you will receive official transcripts indicating your results and the units undertaken during your study. Get your diploma now!


Coursera – Free Online Courses

Coursera, a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world, offers courses online for anyone to take, for free. You can learn from world-class professors, watch high quality lectures, achieve mastery via interactive exercises, and collaborate with a global community of students.

You will find dozens of free online courses from world top universities, such as:

  • Princeton University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of California
  • Berkeley

Offered courses are in following categories:

  • Society, Networks, and Information
  • Computer Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Healthcare, Medicine, and Biology
  • Economics, Finance, and Business
  • Mathematics and Statistics

You will have to check if some kind of diploma or certificate is offered by desired course. In some cases untrusted “Statement of Accomplishment” is offered, like this one:

Join a class today and start learning from world-renowned professors!


MITx – MIT’s new online learning initiative

Do you know that MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) offers FREE online education courses now? MITx will offer a portfolio of MIT courses for free to a virtual community of learners around the world. It will also enhance the educational experience of its on-campus students, offering them online tools that supplement and enrich their classroom and laboratory experiences.

MITx courses will be offered on an online learning platform that:

  • organizes and presents course material to enable students to learn worldwide
  • allows for the individual assessment of any student’s work and allows students who demonstrate their mastery of subjects to earn certificates awarded byMITx
  • features interactive instruction, online laboratories and student-to-student and student-to-professor communication
  • operates on an open-source, scalable software infrastructure in order to make it continuously improving and readily available to other educational institutions, such as universities and K-12 school systems.


Online Education Database

Online Education Database (OEDb) logoOnline Education Database (OEDb) is created to help ambitious students and prospectives find the most convenient, valuable and relevant education programs to fulfill their academic and career objectives. Adults going back to school in pursuit of a higher degree, high school graduates curious about starting a college program, and nontraditional students in search of online education options are all welcome to survey comprehensive reviews and rankings of online colleges and degree programs. Picking the perfect school is easy.

Start by comparing online colleges or by exploring the types of academic programs and degree levels these schools offer, in fields like engineering, business, the arts and humanities, and health care, plus many more. OEDb Library will guide you in your school search and will help you understand the unique dynamics of online education — how it works, who it serves, and how it can help you build an invigorating, lasting career.

Visit the Rankings page and database for information on the best accredited online colleges and universities cross the country. Unlike other online education directories, OEDb database only lists accredited online colleges so you can be sure that these degrees will be respected by potential employers. To ensure accuracy, all of the information on this site comes from the official Web sites of the colleges that they review.


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